School Uniform

Tunbury School has a uniform and Governors and staff believe that our school uniform adds to the ethos of the school.  It is worn by all the pupils. Any of the local stores such as ASDA and Marks and Spencer stock most of the items so parents can shop around for the best value for money.  However, only the school maintains stocks of the school tie.

The full range and description of the uniform is as follows:

BOYS GIRLS * Colours
Ties Ties Burgundy with blue stripes
Trousers/Shorts Skirts/Tunics/Trousers Mid-Grey
Shirts Blouses/Shirts Light Blue
Pullovers (v neck) Cardigans/Jumpers   (v neck) Burgundy
Socks Socks/Tights White or Grey socks/Grey tights
Flat Shoes Flat Shoes Black

*For summer a blue and white gingham or striped dress is recommended.

Black shoes of a style suitable for school wear are required.  Children are expected to change in to shoes if they wear wellingtons/boots to school.  Shoes with heels are unsafe, and it is requested that parents do not buy shoes with high heels. Trainers are not suitable footwear as mud becomes trapped in their soles which when dry drops off around the school.   Plastic jelly shoes or open toe sandals are not suitable footwear.

For safety reasons the wearing of rings on fingers, bracelets, necklaces or other jewellery is not permitted.  Earrings should be small stud type only.  Long hair should always be kept tied back whilst in school.  Nail varnish is not permitted in school.


Physical Education and Games

Physical Education and Games are compulsory for all children except those temporarily or permanently excluded on health grounds.  Such cases must be supported by a letter to the class teacher.  Please help your child enjoy Physical Education by providing appropriate clothing.  Indoor lessons are performed in bare feet.  A bag with your child’s name is required for the following suitable items:-

  Indoors Outdoors **
BOYS Shorts, Blue or Black

PE Top, (tree team colour)*

Shorts and PE Top**

Plus trainers or plimsolls

GIRLS As above or alternatively

PE Skirt or leotard

As for indoors**

Plus trainers or plimsolls

Socks must be supplied for PE. Tights cannot be worn for PE.

* Children wear a T-shirt of their tree team colour.
**In cooler weather children may wear a tracksuit.

For Health and Safety reasons it is imperative that children have a change of footwear for P.E. and Games.   Trainers or plimsolls are usually suitable for outdoor P.E. although children will normally need boots for any football clubs.


Naming Clothes

Occasionally children lose or misplace articles of clothing.  Please help your child to keep track of their clothes by naming all garments that they are likely to remove.  It is especially important that cardigans, jumpers and P.E. plimsolls are named as these are the most frequently found items in the lost property boxes.